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Rising World
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bertram02 Rising World


Mitglied seit:23.07.2011

 Level: 14
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Neues Update ist installiert ist nun auf dem server

[New] Added password protection for multiplayer servers (set 'server_password' in your server.properties file)
[New] Multiplayer servers can now disable the "makeadmin" command (set 'settings_makeadmincommand_enabled' to false)
[New] Serverlog is now written to a file (subfolder "Logs") if enabled (set 'settings_create_serverlog' to false to disable it)
[Change] Improved performance for SQLite and MySQL (especially for multiplayer servers)
[Change] You receive localized messages now when getting kicked from the server (not by admin)
[Change] Slightly improved animal sync (avoiding flying animals in certain situations, still needs a lot of work)
[Change] Player id in multiplayer now begins with 1 instead of 0
[Bugfix] Fixed problem with animals (animals not moving sometimes)
[Bugfix] Fixed some connection issues
[Bugfix] Removed old duplicate entries in chest table
[Bugfix] Fixed bug with ingame time in multiplayer
[Bugfix] Fixed erroneous chunk loading on large worlds

Bugfix 2015-04-26:
[Bugfix] Fixed a problem when converting a world with empty tables (e.g. empty chests table)
[Bugfix] Fixed a problem causing the conversion to abort when there are invalid items in any player inventory

Bugfix 2015-04-28 (v0.5.6.7):
[New] New command 'cleanup [type]' to delete all items, chopped trees or corpses in the world
[New] Admins are now tagged as "[Admin]" in playerlist (multiplayer)
[Change] MarkingStatus object (Lua) for callback function of 'player:disableMarkingSelector' is now false when no start or endposition is defined
[Bugfix] Fixed inventory issues in multiplayer when using MySQL
[Bugfix] Fixed issue which prevented you to remove construction elements in rare cases
[Bugfix] Fixed server logging to file
[Bugfix] Fixed issues with growing plants
[Bugfix] Fixed issue causing items not to despawn in some situations
[Bugfix] Callbackfunction (Lua) for 'player:enableMarkingSelector' does work now

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»29.04.2015 07:55
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