Ban for camping. But ...
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Ban for camping. But ...
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Ptilait Ban for camping. But ...

Just popping in

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My username is Ptilait and playing Insurgency since 2008.
Saturday, July 30 I was banned from your server to "camping".

Steam id : Steam_0:1:6559534

I acknowledge having killed 5 enemy players located at the exit of the spawn.

Players were able to get out by other means. I am a player fairplay.
I live too often this inability to get out of spawn, for subjecting other players.

Also I was a sniper and my position was easily visible from the other players.

During the 2 minutes I was in this position, no admins only came to tell me to stop. No messages.
If I had been kicked from the server, I have understood and stopped.

I request was unbanned from your server. I play for a long time, I love this game and your server is the only player with it.

Of course I understand the reason for the ban and would keep me well away from the spawn.

Thank you.

Ps : Sorry for my English, I use a translator.
»01.08.2016 13:21
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  Ban for camping. But ...
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